Single Split Hiwall
Fixed Speed
Multi Split Hiwall
Fixed Speed
Underceiling (Phased Out)
WRAC (Phased Out)

Multi System Air Conditioner

Cool Only / Heat Pump
[50 Hz]
  Hi-wall, Console, Duct Type and Compact 4way Cassette are Available
Toshiba Multi - System
Whatever the weather, Toshiba Multi-System will deliver the ultimate in climate control. The very latest in air conditioning technology ensures optimum performance to greatly enhance the quality of your life. One external compressor can serve up to five interior units for exceptional flexibility, economy and reliability under Toshiba's Total Quality System.
Advance cleaning through Toshiba's filtration System tackles odours. Its self-cleaning mechanism removes the moisture which causes unpleasant smell in the unit.
A wide range of features means that ultimate comfort is at hand. Super Quiet, Comfort Sleep and multiple airflow controls facility place an idyllic atmosphere at your fingertips.
Compact design is key to modern living. To save space, one external compressor has been customised to serve up to five indoor units, and is supported by extra- long piping for installation throughout your home.
Stay comfortable for less with Toshiba's advanced energy-saving technology. The Toshiba Inverter System consumes approximately 20% less electricity against fixed-speed models.
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